I believe the owners and managers of small businesses need a source of great advice, at an affordable price. A place to go, that understands their situation. The challenges, the pressures, the opportunities. With no repercussions for having shared vulnerabilities or weaknesses or mistakes or fears. The anonymity of the internet allows you to share information and draw down advice, with no tug of war as to whose good idea it was. Or how to implement it. Or why it can’t be done THAT way in YOUR business. Take what you need and adopt it as you see fit. After all, it’s YOUR Business.

HappyBoss.com is that place.

Our website is a place where you get helpful tips, and tools and an opportunity to share solutions with other business owners who are on the same journey. Other sites are far too complicated. With unfamiliar concepts and vocabulary. And people with larger budgets. They’re intended for sophisticated and experienced business owners.

Meet the team

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out to bring you the best business advice

Bob peel

Bob Peel 
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer 

Bob is obsessive about customer service. And about small business strategy. And profitability. And about connecting with customers through effective marketing.

Bob’s family tree includes a disproportionate number of entrepreneurs and self-employeds. Some of his ancestors were farmers, contractors, chefs, retailers and pharmacists. Bob had his first summer job at 10, working in a greenhouse. His father started Brampton Fastener Co. Limited with a partner when Bob was 6. At 18, Bob started his own industrial supply company in Orangeville, and the two companies merged in 1987 under the name Brafasco. Bob was involved in all aspects of the company as General Manager and then President, as the company grew to 25 locations, 180 employees and $39 million in sales by 2004.

Since 2004 Bob has helped a number of small businesses address their need for consulting and, in the process, hatched the idea for HappyBoss.com. Bob has served on a number of condominium and owner association boards, and was a board member on the Orangeville & District Chamber of Commerce from 1982 to 1988, and served as President of in 1987. His MBA, earned in 1999, is from Queen’s University.

Bob lives in the countryside, just outside of Orangeville, Ontario, with his wife and best friend Janis. They have 3 terrific adult children and one terrific daughter in law, who already show that the entrepreneur gene is alive and well in the next generation.



Karen Walker 
Office & Accounting Manager 

Karen likes to dot I’s and cross T’s. She has a relentless attention to detail with a quest to get it right. Unusual for accounting types, Karen possesses a wicked sense of humour. With a wide variety of experience from her years as Accounting Manager at Brafasco, Karen left Brafasco/HD Supply in 2007 to work with Bob Peel (HappyBoss) and his family once again. Recent years with Bob have entailed a host of different duties including bookkeeping duties for multiple companies, forensic accounting, year-end file preparation, some tax return preparation, government remittances, financial statement preparation, account reconciliation, account analysis, and the list goes on!


Linda Stokes 
Content Writer 

Linda has an extensive background in customer service, employee training, and client management. She has earned a Travel & Tourism degree from Humber College as well as a Geography and Education BA from York University. For 24 years Linda worked for several corporations in telecommunications departments, creating more efficient internal telecom systems. In her spare time, Linda promotes International Student Exchange programs, and enjoys travel, photography, and spending lots of time outdoors.


Stefanie Peel 
Audio Visual Technician 

Stefanie is all about music. And video. And making clients happy. She has spent many years behind cameras and computers, always eager to capture people’s stories and projects. After graduating in 2006 with an Audio Engineering & Production Diploma from Vancouver’s PAVI, Stefanie opened her own audio & video production studio. Stefanie enjoys helping her customers make their online presence better with professional audio and video clips, and is proud to include HappyBoss among her customers.