Priceless advice, “… it’s crazy to obsess about things over which I have no control”. Success Means Learning to Let Go, developing staff adds value to the eventual sale of your business.

This is like ‘Dragons’ Den’ for engineers and undergrads, Many young Canadians resorting to entrepreneurial route. It’s worth a peak over the fence. But we’ll bet this is not the way most people started.

Your money behaviour: Are you normal? “Debt may be larger than it appears”. The illusion that other people are doing better is often just that.

Everyone loves a perceived good deal. But there’s a social cost to cheap manufactured goods. We expect to be protected by health and safety regulation. Worker’s Compensation (WSIB). Employment Standards. We expect emergency fire exits to be available and unlocked, The dark side of more . Before we get too smug, it wasn’t always the same here, Triangle Fire . A pretty powerful argument for buying and selling higher quality goods.