Posted on Mar 25, 2014

Are you stuck on Likes Plateau with only well-wishing family & friends on your Business Page?

Think you’re committing some social media crimes but aren’t sure how to change your bad habits?

The following (in no particular order) are the top 8 mistakes I see over and over on small business pages…don’t let me catch you committing these crimes!

  1. Using A Personal Profile Page For Your Business: This one actually violates Facebook’s terms, and could get you kicked right off (should someone ever decide to report it). But a better reason than that to not use a profile page is that it just screams unprofessional!

Resolution: Change your personal profile into just that – a personal profile (unlisted, should you not want any personal info “out there”), and get your business set up with its own Business Page. Not sure how? Check out my how-to videos on this stuff in the HappyBoss Forums (videos coming spring 2013).

  1. Leaving The URL Visible When You Post A Link: Cosmetics Count. Few things clutter up a Business Page more than URL garble – which of the comments below looks more professional to you?