Do you have a weird idea? It may not be so unconventional.  Money can be made wherever there’s a need. Can you add onto your existing product or service in any way? At the end of the day, there’s an oddball in us all.

It’s time to smell the roses, play like a kid and don’t be so hard on yourself.  Your mental health is always worth the time, you invest in it. Happiness: It’s both a long & short game, the take away from this article is, “good health is true wealth”.

When is the last time you thought about your succession, On Julia Child’s 100th Birthday, Her Wisdom About Old Age? Julia was a very successful woman. A part of her success, and into her old age, was that she managed her future.  Digest what your life will look like when you retire. Have a healthy discussion about different scenarios with your family. Bon appétit.