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What Is HappyBoss.com?

HappyBoss.com is a website that’s been set up to help you and your business get the results you’ve always wanted. HappyBoss.com offers professional tips and advice for improving your business and work-life balance, at a price that’s affordable to even the smallest businesses. Rather than work one-on-one with a few larger companies, we prefer to help the many small businesses who need it. For more information about the site and our team, please visit our About Us page.

How will HappyBoss help me improve my business?

HappyBoss’s Videos, Blogs, Resources are offered to all subscribers so they can be used and modified to fit the needs of your business. You can pose your more specific requests and questions to our Community forums. You can take away as much or as little information as you want. We don’t keep tabs on how much information you use, or how you use it, although we’d love for you to share your experiences!

Do I have to credit HappyBoss with my business’s successes?

Nope! But we wouldn’t be opposed to it. How you implement the tips and advice you find on our website is up to you. We’re ok with you telling your spouse and employees that you came up with the idea on your own in the middle of a sleepless night.

What are my limitations on using HappyBoss resources?

You are welcome to use as much of the information from HappyBoss as you want for your own company, but please make sure that you ask any other business owners to set up their own account and subscribe. Sharing the information from this website goes against HappyBoss.com’s Terms & Conditions, and your subscription will be terminated.

My business type hasn’t been covered. Can I get the HappyBoss team to cover more specific information?

Absolutely! We’d love to cover your business type, and the best way to do that is to contact us! Or you can post your question in the HappyBoss Community forums.

My question hasn’t been covered. Can I get the HappyBoss team to cover more specific information?

Absolutely! We’d love to cover your question, and the best way to do that is to contact us! Or you can post your question in the HappyBoss Community forums.

Why would I sign up with HappyBoss.com, rather than have a consultant on-site?

In some cases some business owners really should work with consultants, bearing in mind that their great advice comes at a price that most small businesses can’t afford. For many small business owners HappyBoss is simply the right price and a far more comfortable format. You don’t have to share personal information with a stranger. You’re in charge of what and how you implement. No witnesses. No tug-of-war. No guilt.

Can I get HappyBoss to analyze and help my business one-on-one?

Maybe. Yes, it is possible for Subscribers to enlist a member of our team to help your company. But first we ask that you check with the HappyBoss Community or send us an email with your specific questions. Please keep in mind that many of the topics brought to us in this manner will be developed into video topics…chances are your concerns are also on the minds of other business owners!

Can I work for HappyBoss.com?

We’re always looking to expand our team and we always enjoy hearing from creative and inspiring people. Email us at HR@HappyBoss.com and tell us why you want to work with us.

What can I get for free?

Select videos, tools and blogs are available to guests.

How much will a subscription cost me?

Great advice is available at less than a dollar a day! Paid subscriptions are $29.99+tax monthly. This provides access to HappyBoss Videos and Forums, where you can participate in the HappyBoss Community, interacting with other business owners and the HappyBoss team.

What does my subscription cover?

Paid subscriptions include access to every HappyBoss Video, Resource, Blog and Tool available on our website, as well as access to our HappyBoss Community forums, where you can interact with other business owners as well as the HappyBoss team.

How does billing work?

Pretty easily, actually. Once you’ve subscribed to HappyBoss.com, your subscription is automatically renewed each month until you decide otherwise.

How do I renew my subscription?

There’s no need for you to think about renewing each month. Instead we’ve set up our subscription process to be as easy as possible for you! Once you’ve subscribed, your renewal will come on the same day each month (or next closest day if subscribed on the 31st).

How do I unsubscribe/close my account?

There’s an Unsubscribe link on your Account Settings page. If there’s anything we can do or provide to change your mind, please let us know first!

I forgot my password. How can I find/change it?

There’s a “Forgot Password” link on the Login Page. Follow the steps to reset your password.

How do I update my profile information?

Once you’ve logged in, there’s a link to “My Profile” at the very top of every page. From here you can change your public and private account information including your picture, password, e-mail, and credit card information.

How do I update my credit card information?

While logged in, click on “My Profile” at the top of the page and under “Account Settings” you’ll be able to update your credit card information

I found an error on the site. Who do I contact?

We appreciate your keen eye and would like to keep HappyBoss.com as accurate as possible. Please let us know about any mistakes we’ve made by e-mailing media@happyboss.com

What’s the best way to contact HappyBoss?

We love questions and suggestions! Being an online company, our preferred contact is by e-mail, which can be directed to the department of your choice:

Subscriptions, payments

Store orders, product information, shipping, payment info

General inquiries, videos

Website content, videos

Can I call HappyBoss and talk to the team?

We are a web-based company and our team keeps slightly irregular schedules, (being slightly irregular folks). Because of this, and possibly being in a time zone different from yours, e-mail is the most effective way to get in touch. If you do need to call, please do 9- 5 EST, Monday to Friday 1-888-940-5004

How do I buy HappyBoss-branded merchandise?

Our e-store at HappyBoss.com shows all currently available merchandise. Simply add quantities of the items you want to your cart and follow through our easy checkout process. Just remember to use the billing address associated with the credit card you’re using to ensure the payment goes through the first time! *Please note that HappyBoss Merchandise is available only to Subscribers of HappyBoss.com We do strongly suggest that you brand your company name, rather than ours. So, we like to think of HappyBoss branded merchandise as stuff you use in your home office or in your personal space. YOUR staff should be wearing YOUR company stuff!

I want information about my HappyBoss Merchandise order. Who do I contact?

You’re welcome to e-mail or call the HappyBoss team and we’ll get the information you need right away!