Canada stops distribution of penny coin & Going penniless: how does this impact your business?

Payment preview: Three hot topics in payment processing, what will they think of next? As the phone becomes the device we use to make our payments (As opposed to credit and debit cards) it’s far more important to use passwords to protect all information stored on your phone and mobile device. Generally, don’t get caught up in trends that are not suited to your business.

Facebook starts selling retail gift cards on website, while it may be a good idea to have a gift card option available for your customer, don’t jump on the technology bandwagon each time something new is introduced. Let the big guys sort out the learning curve.

Translation: Price/Earnings Ratio. This is a good primer article on stock valuations. This is particularly useful as you stage your business for eventual sale. If you continue to build your team, document and improve your systems and processes, manage your assets and debt, you too will have a more desirable price/earnings ratio.  Translation: More money for your business someday.

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