Happy Canada Day!

A day to celebrate one of the best places in the world - for raising families - for work & working conditions - for opportunity - for fresh air, and breathtaking scenery - for political stability - and reason - [...]

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One Leads to Another

Wal-Mart pledges to hire thousands of veterans and buy more US products over the next decade By our calculations, $5 billion a year amounts to 4.5 % of their overseas’ spend. We have mixed feelings on this. There will undoubtedly be [...]

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Measure Twice, Cut Once

Even the best companies get this wrong from time to time. I ordered a special colour shirt for my HappyBoss videos. 2 weeks later, I went in to pick up the shirt. No pocket! Somewhere, between ordering and receiving, no [...]

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Small Business Month Is Here!

Hello Happy Bosses! Small Business Month is here! In October, many local organizations (think Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade…) offer a great variety of events focused on helping you run a successful Small Business. These seminars, forums and celebrity [...]

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