A day to celebrate one of the best places in the world – for raising families – for work & working conditions – for opportunity – for fresh air, and breathtaking scenery – for political stability – and reason – and tolerance – and safety – and overall quality of life.

Today while we gather with friends & family, waiting for fireworks, consider just how extremely fortunate we are.

Our freedoms and opportunities and protections are many.

We are free to go to school.

We are free to read and write.

We are free to travel.

When we go to work, we have every expectation that we will return safely to our families at the end of our shift.

When we get excited about opportunity, we have every expectation that we can pursue our ideas and if we wish to start a business we don’t hesitate, knowing that the regulatory environment encourages this.

When there is an accident, or a disaster, or we get sick, and when we get old, we know our health care system and health care professionals will be there for us.

When we travel across this magnificent country, we feel safe. No land mines. No snipers. (remembering always, that the price of freedom is diligence).

Canada has welcomed people of all nations. Of all religions, and races, and cultures, and genders, and sexual orientation. We preach AND practice tolerance of others. We have a strong work ethic. We are productive. We are generous. We are respectful. We have created a showplace for world.

Let’s not forget it.

Canada, gotta love it, eh?