According to Who?

For an unprecedented number of business owners it’s time to consider succession planning, Retirement tidal wave to hit Canadian businesses. It takes time and involves a lot of change. Some do, some don’t and some won’t, The pros and cons of working [...]

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In Control

Priceless advice, “… it's crazy to obsess about things over which I have no control”. Success Means Learning to Let Go, developing staff adds value to the eventual sale of your business. This is like ‘Dragons’ Den’ for engineers and undergrads, Many [...]

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You Don’t Say?

Say Hello to Everyone, from the Globe and Mail is a challenge that addresses a peculiar phenomenon that seems to be taking hold of a lot of people.  You don’t say “hi” or make eye contact with people anymore, unless [...]

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2015’s Worst Passwords List

Earlier today, Splash Data (a California-based data management company), released its always-entertaining “Worst Passwords” list. And to clarify, by “worst” they mean the ones that are most common, and most easily hacked. The vast majority of these passwords are in [...]

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