Do you have any inclination to read proposed government legislation? Do you have the time to figure out what they’re even talking about? Do you have the time to lobby for changes, before these become law? 

You should join the CFIB. CFIB stands for Canadian Federation of Independent Business. They also stand for you. 

The CFIB is funded by people like you and me. They survey their membership regularly, and lobby the government on our behalf. They get results. For you. 

And, as a big DID YOU KNOW?, they have Business Counsellors, who are available, over the phone, to assist members over a wide slate of issues – WSIB – HST – Property Tax Assessments – EI – Payroll – Leases – Employment Standards, Succession Planning, etc., etc. Wow. 

Simply call 1-888-234-2232, IF you are a CFIB Member.

BTW, we also recommend looking at the Canadian Chamber of Commerceyour provincial Chamber of Commerce, and an appropriate industry association. And definitely, you should join your local chamber of commerce. 

They all do good work on our behalf, while we’re busy running our businesses.

You’re welcome!

The HappyBoss Team