Chances are, every product or service you sell has a story. You may have tested the product in your own home. You may have chosen to sell the less expensive item because, in your experience, there is minimal difference in performance between two items. You may have opted for longer service life. You may have opted for a product that covers a multitude or uses, or have chosen a specialty product because it does the job like no other.

Your stories matter. I often act on the recommendation of a more experienced sales person.

But what if you’re not available?

Good point of sale (POS) signs help you sell stuff.

For me, the acid test for a good sign is that it answers at least one question or provides one relevant fact or benefit.

Quite often, while browsing or at the conclusion of a successful hunt, I am confounded by the item in front of me. And no, this is not necessarily and age or a husband thing. At least in my opinion… Now, if there was an employee nearby, I would ask – “will this do such and such a job?”, “is this safe for plastic, stainless steel, vinyl, the environment?”, “where does this come from?”, “is there a larger size?”, is there a smaller size?’, “is there a better product for my task?”. These days, most companies do not seem to have enough employees, so I look for signage or am forced to read the label, and even then I may remain unconvinced. Did I mention I wear glasses to read? And that the labels appear to be getting smaller? Many times I simply put the item back onto the shelf.

When my wife and I are at a market or craft/trade show, we are often looking for unique gift items, to be put away until Christmas or a birthday or shower, etc. As soon as any sort of a crowd develops, there is no opportunity to ask questions of the person who may well have made the item we are considering. “Is it handmade?”, “did you make this?”, “How would we clean this?”, that sort of thing.

Or perhaps, I go into an unfamiliar environment such as my local tractor dealer. I suspect everyone else knows everything there is to know about the various implements, accessories, maintenance schedules, fluids and tools. This is an environment where I do not wish to open my mouth and confirm my ignorance.

In each of these situations, and many more, effective POS signs would make my experience much more pleasant for me, and much more profitable for the store.

Would I want know that, in your opinion “this is the best I’ve ever used.”
Or, “this one is easier to clean.”
Or, “this one has minimal odour, which is better for an office environment.”
Or “buy the 6 pack, and get one free.”
Or “there’s a coupon this week. Here, I’ll give you one.”
Or “here’s what’s included in the kit.”
Or “this paint is non-toxic.” Or “child-safe.”
Or “this is hand-made, by my sister/husband/daughter, according to a plan handed down from our grandmother.”

You know your stories. You know why you chose to sell certain products. You know the best deals. You know what is unique to your store.

Please tell your customers.

On tent signs. On post-it notes. On posters. On cards. On photos.

Typed. Handwritten.

Printed. Painted. Crayon.

Experiment with material, colours and styles. But do something.

Good signs will sell product.

Please make it easy for us to buy your stuff!